Just like our NGB, “We think coaching is really important. Great coaches equal great basketball, more enjoyment and more people playing, three things which are really really important! Not only that, it is one of the most rewarding roles in sport – you get to influence how much players enjoy the sport, and not only that, how good they are!”

We offer courses over the year at all levels. These are open to all, with club members receiving a discount or often free places on courses. This helps us to build sustainability, as well as providing our members with qualitifications.


It is a well known fact officials are a fundamental reason why sport is the successful phenomenon it is. Without them, we would have no rules and there would be nothing to stop one team having 20 players, or playing with two balls…or on rollerskates!

We recognise how important officials are for the governance of our sport and so offer a range of courses across the year including referee and table officiating courses at all levels, so if you want to become involved, but dont see yourself as a player please do get in touch.