Freya visits the ThunderDome

Check out Freya’s brilliant account of her visit to the ThunderDome to shoot some hoops with the girls team. It was great to welcome her during her quest of ‘One woman. 12 months. 100+ events. I’m trying my hand at every Olympic sport open to women at Rio2016, and plan to complete Freyathlon before the Closing Ceremony in Rio in August 2016’. We wish you every success Freya and hope to see you again soon.

See the extract of Freyas story below:

I came up with the idea of Freyathlon during Women’s Sport Week 2015. There was a lot of chat and a lot of writing about why women did or didn’t get involved in sport, and I realised how much my life had changed when I was, and wasn’t, able to be active.

Like many people, particularly women, I didn’t really enjoy sport at school and I stopped doing any organised sport as soon as I left school. But the two things I’ve always enjoyed have been cycling and walking – and I’ve cycled and walked wherever I’ve lived because nothing beats the freedom and independence of moving through the world by bike or by foot.

When I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, my world grew small and travel was mainly between home and hospital for tests, procedures, and appointments. And when I began chemotherapy, delivered as a hospital inpatient in an isolation room, my world became even smaller. In less than a month I went from cycling to and from work every day to lying in a hospital bed for days on end, working my way through Breaking Bad, and relying on visitors for news of the outside world.