Game Report National Cup Round 3 – London Thunder Men v Kent Crusaders

In the first period Thunder managed to slow down Crusaders’ attack by defending full-court, getting to a promising 16-16.

Crusaders had more offensive options though, and once their movements started to flow Thunder were unable to find the points to stay in the game, forcing too many drives and missing some easy shots from short distance. At half time the gap was 20 points.

Things didn’t improve in the third quarter when Crusaders found space for a number of open fast breaks, with Thunder getting back slowly, and losing some focus.

In the final period the team reacted and showed some pride, returning to score with e better percentage and defending harder, man-to-man, to limit the damage.

There were good moments from TJ and Mo, these new young players showed good commitment, the set plays worked a number of times, but in the long run Crusaders proved simply too strong.

“We are not a Division 1 team and we can lose this game, but we cannot stop defending one second. We also have to improve our self-confidence and score when an opportunity arises. Restart from the spirit of the first and last periods to win the next game”

Assistant Coach Nico