Proud to work in partnership

THE POWER OF BELIEF – Team Event – 4th February 2016

OVERVIEW of the Event

Signia Wealth’s promise is to bring Commitment, Understanding & Trust, Knowledge & Experience and exceptional Service Levels to everything that they do. Success in delivering these will be underpinned by a deeper quality: Belief.

Belief is also the foundation for the work done by Sported’s Members, as they use sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people. On the day, we shall be working with a brilliant example: London Thunder Basketball Club.

Last, but not least, Belief is often the most important benefit which the young people themselves take from their experiences within Sported’s member clubs, which fuels their progress in education and in life.

This day will provide opportunities to build belief, and to deepen understanding of what it will take to sustain it through whatever challenges lie ahead.