Over the summer of 2022 we had over 80 ballers attend our famous London Thunder Basketball Camp .

During the weeks our players:

  • learnt the fundamentals of basketball
  • improved their dribbling,  shooting, rebounding, defence, of and on the ball movement.
  • scrimmaged and played 5 v 5, 3 v3 and 1 v 1
  • improved their fitness and health

summer camp 2

All the players had fun and made friends and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next camp.

A special thanks to Rowell Graham (BBL Newcastle) and GB International Dewayne Lartier-Ogunle who were on hand to assist the players on the day.

Also congratulations to Rianna Loum Sith who won the Player of the Week Award


Player of the week award Rianna Loum Sith

summer camp 1