Tyler heads to DME Florida

We wish Tyler Sealy well as he begins a PG year at DME Sports in Daytona Beach Florida. It’s a fantastic opportunity and we know he will make the most of it.

He faces a full development program with a packed schedule of games against other academies and schools including IMG, Monteverde and 22ft Academy stretching across Florida and as far as South Carolina.

There were many warm and fond goodbyes as Tyler (who attended the very first Thunder sessions back in 2007 and has demonstrated consistent and unstinting loyalty to the club ever since) headed off to Daytona to start the new season. He said ‘It was hard saying goodbye to such good friends but I know we will always be mates and I’ll be back for Christmas, so will see everyone then’

The aim is to build on Tylers achievement and develop a long term international club collaboration with DME so that other players can have the chance to experience the same exciting opportunties. Watch this space!!!