U18 Thunder v London Greenhouse Pioneers 13th October 2018

Thunder started well establishing a lead of 6 points early. The starters worked well. TJ got tagged again but managed to stay out of foul trouble in the first quarter. Players off the bench struggled to maintain the lead and Greenhouse came back within 4 points.

Coach Steve gave an important timeout and rallied the boys to halftime and keep the lead. Our transition game needs more work but the team worked hard and managed to switch up the defensive play from man to zone which frustrated Greenhouse. In the 3rd and 4th quarters coach was able to rotate the bench offering valuable game experience to less seasoned players. Josh U ended the 3rd quarter with a runaway dunk and Ruben made double digit points driving hard through the key. Thunder won the game 72-49 with top points going to, Josh U with 20, Ruben 18, TJ 11, 4 big rebounds and 2 block shots, Mo 8, PST 1 assists others Harry 3 rebounds 1 assist, Nage 2 points, Jordon S 2 points, Jayden 1 rebound, overall a good win.

Coach Steve is taking a close look at the squad as the bench needs to be game ready and run the plays if if we are to progress in the league well done Thunder

Coach Peter