Potential opportunities

Partnership can be mutually beneficial and would provide partners with significant benefits such as positive publicity and fulfillment of their corporate responsibility.

The partnership could be in the form of:

  • Donation
  • Long-term sponsorship
  • Kit sponsor
  • Programme sponsorship
  • Facility sponsorship

Basketball is a sport watched, played and loved by millions of people. Pro basketball players are often admired for their athletic abilities as well as their personalities and their influence on young people.

Sponsorship of our basketball club is available to all, including private individuals, local businesses or corporations. The type of basketball sponsorship package depends on the amount of money or equipment or other sponsorship on offer by the potential sponsor. In response, profitable and positive exposure is offered. Sponsorship benefits are specific to sponsorship packages contracted between the club and the sponsor.

We always need help with acquiring equipment, kits, funds for marketing, such as ads in newspapers, and other expenses which can be challenging for us to meet. Benefits include exposure by way of banners placed courtside, ads in calendars, on our website, in local newspapers as a part of club advertising, logo or name placement next to scoreboards, and other creative ways to display contributor names.

Please contact us by either visiting the club or via email info@thunderbasketball.net


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